In Unison has launched a global movement for peace, reaching billions of people through concerts, music, games, and social media.


This movement helps people envision how to transform their communities, cities, and nations into safer spaces that will unleash human innovation — giving a voice and power to all citizens.


In Unison Education and Communities works with residents, businesses, educators, and governments to transform neighborhoods and villages step-by-step to more beautiful, usable, safer, eco-friendly, and innovative spaces.





The first step is empowering people through education. In Unison Education and Communities connect the infrastructure, buildings, and environment in our communities with education through community-based projects. People who want to create projects in their villages and cities are supported through education, mentoring, and resources.

Courses (in partnership with UCLA Extension and the Los Angeles Community College District) are available from a wide variety of basic training to advanced education classes. Courses range from construction to technology to horticulture to leadership. New courses with In Unison include a Transforming Your Community workshop for residents with little education to Environmental Design for Social Justice for degree-oriented learners. Many courses can be tailored to different levels of literacy and education, and many of the courses are accredited for transfer to any school, college, or university.

Students in the education program gain academic credit in a hybrid learning environment by learning as well as designing, building, sculpting, growing food, coding, creating art, and innovating ideas for these village projects. In the end, residents and students form the foundation of a larger community that creates these new spaces and services. In Unison classes are taught through a partnership with UCLA Extension, the Los Angeles City Community District, and iTunes University.



community peace projects


Community Peace Projects:

Community-based education and learning is at the core of In Unison Education. Actually creating and building projects in villages and communities is part of each core course, and students get credit both when they are in the field or in the classroom. The projects will come from the minds of students and the residents of cities and villages. However, to get started and to focus some students, the following projects are proposed for initial implementation.

These Peace Projects are community led and driven, but supported by In Unison resources, mentors, and educational programs. Peace Projects embody the hopes and visions of residents for how their communities could be transformed to safer, more supportive environments. Ideas for community Peace Projects will come from residents through campaigns online (social media, apps, and online forums) and offline (via community meetings, schools, and charities). These ideas can include community gardens, water farms and wells, green shelters, solar walls, peace parks, drinking fountains, art murals, energy stations, and learning and innovation hubs. People who step forward with an idea can become the project leader, partnered with teachers, students, educators, and resources to empower them to make the project happen.

Government services, when available, are planned to be key partners to co-create these spaces. Identifying the communities where Peace Projects can be built involves a complex set of variables related to sustainability, cultural appropriateness, and local human potential. Virtualizing the change online through simulation leads to a robustly engineered and sustainable physical change in the community. Students taking In Unison classes in local schools or online contribute to projects locally or virtually around the world.