tyler steele | VP STRATEGY & OPS,

Tyler Steele cut his teeth in the hottest spots in New York nightlife managing elite celebrity havens like Bungalow 8 and Lot 61. When the gourmet restaurant Gjelina 
opened in Venice, Tyler was hired to curate and manage what is now one of the most successful restaurants in the world. He was managing and overseeing a gourmet 75 item menu for 1,200 foodies a day.
Today, Tyler is an entrepreneur and managing partner at the gourmet restaurant and celebrity music venue, No Name. One night  it's Dave Chapelle with Prince's band The Revolution, the next night it's Naz and Stevie Wonder, or The Eagles jamming with Ringo on drums  for Joe Walsh's birthday.

Tyler and Jerumel, each with a long client list of influencers, have the networks & following to bring in the clientele to put BUDA VIDA on the map. 

Tyler is overseeing the operations for our non-profit restaurant 
BUDA VIDA and is producing benefit shows to raise money for the SAVE THE HUMANS campaign. Tyler will train and oversee the general managers and staff, curate the customer experience, and ensure meticulous quality control over the food and presentation – with our Executive Chef Jerumel Laygo



Lisa Momberger, a California Native, has spent the last two decades as a VIP Concierge, Chief of Staff and confidant to celebrities and Uber wealthy alike. Through years of service she became one of the industries most respected leaders in personal life management and has spoken at workshops and seminars to share her knowledge to affect positive change in the global workplace by architecting productive relationships. Among Lisa’s client list is the father to the world’s number one golfer & author Earl Woods, actress & philanthropist Demi Moore, the nations #1 Life and Business Strategist Tony Robbins & Billionaire Businessman Alec Gores

In 2017 Lisa, along with three partners, decided to make a foray into the Pet Industry by starting the premium and sustainable dog treat company Honey I'm Home which imports buffalo dog treats from India. After a highly successful launch in February 2017, Honey I'm Home is now distributed in approximately 200 stores across 34 states in the U.S. Lisa overseas the operations of the company, ensuring the company's continued success.

Additionally, Lisa was the Executive Producer on Free the Nipple, a film that created a social media movement which helps close the gap on woman equality. She has also worked with tech companies like Path, Sonos and Spotify, playing an important role in Spotify’s US launch.


Rob Levy is the Senior Investment Banking Advisor at MediaBridge Capital Advisors. Rob oversaw several high profile M&A transactions in digital media and technology including the sale of Final Draft, Inc. and Ultimatte Corporation.

Rob has 10 years’ experience in the film/TV industry, including Artist Management Group, Warner Brothers, & Untitled Entertainment. 

Rob was President of InterMedia Entertainment, which published the IME Star Index, a research tool designed to assist advertisers in selecting and optimizing celebrity-driven advertising campaigns. He launched a branded entertainment division of Untitled Entertainment in 2007 and ran the division through 2012. 

Rob began his career at the investment banking firm of Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin.


Hunter Richards | Co-founder: Buda Vida & Save The Humans

Hunter has spent the last two decades in LA, Silicon Valley, and New York as a filmmaker, activist, and entrepreneur. Hunter sold his first original screenplay to Paramount in a 7-figure writing/producing deal, and was employed as a screenwriter and script doctor for several major studios – selling a series of TV pilots to FX, E! and Spelling.

In 2006, Hunter wrote and directed his first feature film with Sony Studios starring Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, Jason Statham, and Isla Fisher. Between film projects, Hunter architected viral campaigns for movies like The Cove to help end the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. In 2012, Hunter co-founded the international gender equality movement Free The Nipple that generated billions of impressions to help raise awareness and pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) with celebrity advocates such as: Banksy, Shepard Fairy, Liv Tyler, Cara Delivgne, Rihana, Suki Waterhouse, Miley Cyrus, and Kendall Jenner.

In 2018, Hunter co-founded BUDA VIDA … a sustainable “seed to table” non-profit restaurant to help employ and feed homeless families, youth and women. Most recently, Hunter sold his original Sci-Fi screenplay “Counting Sheep” that he is presently casting and producing – scheduled to begin principal photography in June, 2019. 


DORIANE RAY | co-founder: BUDA VIDA & save the humans

Los Angeles native Doriane Ray is an aspiring visual storyteller, artist & entrepreneur geared towards enlightening conscious driven media, events & projects.

Doriane started her career working for National Public Radio (NPR) in D.C., but returned to a like-minded California where she pursued diverse careers with organizations such as: National Geographic, Los Angeles Times, Mixmag, & Legendary Entertainment.

While back in LA, Doriane found herself reconnecting to her family’s passionate multicultural culinary roots, and is now one of the original founders of BUDA VIDA, where she is managing web & visual content, our APP & store, social media marketing, and producing the BUDA VIDA TV series. 



Steffen is a founding member of In Unison our Director of Educational Games & Social Media. He brings an in-depth view of today’s Game, VR & AR technologies to FX3X Animation, Inc. As President & Creative Supervisor he connects the needs of game-engine based virtual, interactive & Augmented Reality productions with the creative immersive experience appreciated by gamers and general audiences alike, who are expecting the best from Hollywood's Entertainment community. Having played key-roles on A-list movie productions such as the academy award-winning visual effects for Independence Day (ID4), Godzilla or the academy award nominated Stuart Little 1, Steffen spearheaded the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop’s expanding efforts in innovative animation technologies, virtual studio productions and the creation of new ways of visual storytelling.

As SVP of Digital Puppetry and Visual Effects, he crafted new production techniques using proprietary game engine modules to expand the studio’s innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Projects include, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Simpsons’ Movie. Shows include Sid the Science Kid (PBS) and Splash & Bubbles, which won the Parent's Choice Gold Award in 2017 where Henson, Steffen and his FX3X team delivered over twenty hours of animated television content to Netflix and PBS in just one year. Steffen brings an expansive expertise in effectively leading different teams of Visual Effects and Animation Artists including Technologists and Production Groups to his projects.



Paul has lived in Las Vegas for 28 years and been involved in the construction, transformation and constant re-branding of the Las Vegas entertainment industry since his arrival from Orange County.

Business in Las Vegas is done the old fashion way with a heavy influence on reputation and relationships. Being affiliated and working on projects with mid-level managers before they moved into decision making positions provides a keen awareness of access and due process. Paul provides our business with the patience and timing template to leverage and compromise.



Scott is a successful entrepreneur, third generation craftsman and Forté founder. Attended “Disney University” like the generations before him. Transformed a two-employee start-up to $12 million/year in only two years.

Named U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year. Scott continues three generations of creative execution of the world’s most iconic experiential spaces.



Joel has 35 years in Satellite TV Distribution, Broadband Video Networks, Live Concerts and as a Producer of Film/TV/Animation. He is currently the COO: In Unison Foundation which was previously Chaired by Claes Nobel, the eldest member of the Nobel Peace Prize family.

He was a partner in Nashville's “Concerts for People” producing Charity Concerts with legends like Ravi Shankar & Harry Chapin. He served as the Executive Director: 'POP ROX' -Peace Through Music a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

His former positions also include: SYNSAT- President’s Asst: – Hollywood's leading Satellite TV Distribution Company, with clients: ABC, NBC, Sony Universal, Disney, Distribution Live Aid, 5 Comic Relief Specials, Farm Aid I & II … the EVP of GTI: which installed Bush's White House’s 1st videophone & 1st Ca. state-wide video conf. network // Co-Producer 1st Beijing Olympics Media Symposium. He brought Film financing to: ‘The Flying Machine’ and as Asst. Producer for “Sid the Science Kid- the Movie” Jim Henson Studio’s // Co-Producer, TSD’s ‘Making of Stargate’ MGM/Canal+ Film.



Robert is the former Production Manager and Technical Director for Los Angeles’ ‘Broadway Theater Group’ comprised of the Los Angeles, Palace, State and Tower Theaters. He is a proven leader who has achieved success for hundreds of clients & thousands of live events and theatrical, film & television productions. Robert co-founded a Theatrical Lighting and Rental; Staging & Live Event Production and Specialty Architectural Lighting Productions business and grew it from the ground up into a multi-million dollar company. Robert supervised pre & post production teams & all aspects of every installation and event.

While with ELS Entertainment Lighting Services, he oversaw production at the Hollywood & Highland Complex, Chinese & Dolby Theaters for countless events of all kinds including: Red Carpet premiers & parties; Brand Activations; Experiential Marketing Events; & The Oscars and Governors Ball.

As Sr. Production Manager: El Rey Theater, he oversaw Live broadcast events; Theatrical performances & awards shows; Location film & TV shoots; and VIP parties. He was the Lighting Designer and Board OP with House of Blues (Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA). During his (7) plus years at the El Rey Theater, Robert “advanced and executed” from “load in to load out” HUNDREDS of live events with artists like: Bob Dylan, Sting, Mick Jagger, Toby Keith, Carley Simon, Alanis Morissette, Henry Rollins, Beck, Macy Gray, The Stone Temple Pilots and Black Eyed Peas.